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Why is Major League Baseball Burying The Astros? After tonight’s American League Divisional Series Game 5 win by the Tampa Bay Rays over the New York Yankees, I decided to log into my ESPN app on my phone to see some of the stats in the 2-1 win by the Rays. One of the 1st headlines I see is “So the Houston Astros are headed to another ALCS. How angry should you be?“. This, my friends, is pure sensationalized click-bait at it’s worst. Let me tell you why. 1. How could the Astros have used the, now infamous, trash can in the play-offs?...Continue reading »

George Floyd’s criminal history is relevant for two reasons: 1) it is a prime example of how the political left fails to control political messaging; and 2) it illustrates the failures of our criminal justice system – and the need for reform. Each issue is addressed in turn. A. The Left Allows their Messaging to be Easily Hijacked That George Floyd’s criminal history is even being discussed shows the left cannot control political messaging. The right is making claims across social media that George Floyd is being depicted as a martyr. In a recent video,...Continue reading »

 As I write this article, people around the USA are protesting the wrongful death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. From the Twin cities to Ohio, from LA to Houston, people are angry & I do not blame them. Now, before I go any further, I chose to keep my name anonymous due to the fact that my views WILL ruffle some feathers. & for full disclosure, I am a white male. I do not know what it is like to be a person of color in America. I do know, however, that racism is alive & well in this country. I know this...Continue reading »

UFC 249 turned out to be a very successful venture for Dana White and the UFC. According to an article by Kevin Iole via Yahoo Sports, UFC 249 PPV buys will surpass 700,000 — a remarkable feat considering the star of the fight card Khabib Nurmagomedov had to drop out of the main event due to travel restrictions amid the Corona virus. “We absolutely destroyed it,” White told Yahoo Sports via phone call. “It was a home run by every measure. The early trends were good and they continued.” Originally slated for April 18th...Continue reading »

WWE Hall of Famer and “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry, was a guest recently on Bubba Ray Dudley’s “Busted Open Radio”. During the interview, he discussed his first encounter with Michael Jordan, aka the GOAT, the greatest player in NBA history. Henry discusses how he had to put his airness in his place after Jordan initially approached him in what he felt was a condescending manner. Nation listeners! @TheMarkHenry talks his first encounter with Michael Jordan, anddd you won't believe how it went! 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀❚█══█❚❚...Continue reading »

A global pandemic, known in the virus that has killed many across the globe, and keeps us contained in our homes has already impacted our daily lives at home, work and at play. The aftermath of the virus in my opinion will create a paradigm shift in the experience for fans, media and athletes at sports events forever. Prior to the pandemic, we were already with declining human interaction. Smart phones and social media largely replaced telephone calls, visits and person – to person conversation. It’s my position that the aftermath of the current...Continue reading »

Cliff Franks interviews Louisiana Tech Men’s basketball Assistant coach Talvin Hester, discussing the current state of affairs in the midst of the current Coronavirus situation and it’s impact on collegiate sports. ...

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