A 100% Guaranteed Way For The Houston Texans To Fix Their Relationship With DeShaun Watson

Posted on Jan 31 2021 - 1:33am by Richard Walker

DeShaun Watson has made it clear that he no longer wishes to play for the Houston Texans. The Texans Owner Cal McNair and his team have made it clear that (at least for now) they do not intend to trade him. The two sides are at a stalemate.

I tend to focus on construction solutions, therefore here is my advice to the Texans. Here is a guaranteed way to repair the relationship with DeShaun Watson:

In my opinion there is only one way to fix this situation. Cal McNair needs to sell the damn team, immediately. First, you need to fire Nick Casiero, Fire David Culley, and start completely over. Allow the new owner of the team to have the opportunity to re-build the culture of the franchise and take a shot at retaining its current leader. Call Roger Goodell and let him know that the team is for sale. Cal McNair is the sports equivalent of the bastard step-brother of Drayton McClane. He likewise was a terrible owner who knew absolutely nothing about running a major pro sports franchise. Cal leaving the Texans would have a similar effect on that franchise which was able to re-build the culture under new owner Jim Crane.

It’s blatantly obvious that Cal either has little to no interest in actually running a viable football organization, or he lacks the mental capacity to run a successful business. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle of that. He is literally turning the organization into a full blown football replica of Lakewood Church. The “holier than thou” culture reeks of the self-righteousness of Jack Easterby, while turning a blind eye to its horrible and sickening controlling mindset. He expects fans and players to simply continue to have a cult like following of the franchise, investing their talents prime years, hard work and spending their money on tickets and merchandise while providing little hope and success.

David Culley is terrible head coach candidate who will fail miserably. For crying out loud the guy was a passing game coordinator for the ONLY TEAM IN NFL HISTORY to go an entire season with ZERO wide receivers scoring a touchdown. Yet this is the 65 year old guy that they shove in Watson’s face and expect him to be satisfied being coached by in his prime years? You can’t possibly be that stupid…or maybe you are?

As a businessman, Cal simply doesn’t seem to understand or care about what the variables of success are. Well Cal, for starters in the NFL you will not be successful without a franchise quarterback, period. Players of DeShaun Watson’s caliber are difficult to acquire and retain. The history of the franchise at the quarterback position speaks this truth very clearly, as it is notable that the 2nd most successful quarterback in Texans history is none other than “Mr. Pick 6” himself, Matt Schaub, who recently retired.

In business it’s ok to admit when you’re in over your head. That’s clearly the case. Do the right thing by your investors, your employees and your fans. Sell the damn team Cal. It’s only going to get worse if you continue to be involved. There is no other way to fix this franchise. It’s broken beyond repair. The only way to move forward is to replace yourself, Cal. Do the Cowboys fans a favor as well on the way out and tell Jerry Jones the same thing please. The two of you can go visit your recently unemployed buddy, former President Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago in Florida. He’s feeling lonely nowadays, I’m sure he will appreciate your company and your presence, because nobody here does. #BTPSports

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