BTP Sports Host Mitchell Brock Interviews Hall Of Fame DE Bruce Smith

Posted on Jan 31 2020 - 11:08am by Mitchell Brock

At the 2020 Pro Bowl, BTP Sports Host Mitchell Brock spoke with former Buffalo Bills defensive end Bruce Smith about the level of play and competition at the Pro Bowl in today’s game versus during his era.

Smith is the all-time sack leader in NFL history and was recently named to the NFL 100 All-Time Team. Smith led Buffalo to four Super Bowl appearances during his 15 year stint with the team. During that span of time, he had 1,054 tackles and 171 sacks.

After his stint with the Bills, he played the rest of his career in Washington. He ended up with the most number of sacks in his career with 200.0. His final tackles (1224) and forced fumble (43) numbers are top 5 all time and will remain so for quite a while. It’s fair to say that Mr. Smith is a credible source when it comes to discussions about levels of play. #BTPSports

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