Ezekiel Elliot get his deal

Posted on Sep 5 2019 - 4:38am by EJ Terry
The wait is over and Dallas Cowboys fans can now take a sigh of relief as Ezekiel Elliot has signed a 6 year extension to remain in Jerry’s World. The Cowboys and Elliot agreed to a six-year 90 million dollar extension of which 50 million is guaranteed according to multiple sources. Prior to today’s signing, Elliot under contract for the next 2 years and was scheduled to earn an amount in the range of 12 – 13 million dollars. His new contract places him far above his previously set earnings making him the highest paid running back in the history of the NFL. It’s going to be interesting to for see who or will there be an odd man out. Jerry Jones and his staff will have the next year to figure out a way to extend the contracts of Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper. At first glance, I thought that Jones would offer an extension to Prescott. But, Prescott has asked for a yearly contract of 40 million dollars. There is reason to believe that Jones will not offer Dak Prescott a contract that height, not at this time. With all due respect, Ezekiel Elliot is the best running back in the NFL in this day and age. He’s been the most productive back over the last three seasons. His contract signing has certainly set the bar for future backs who are deserving of similar type contracts. Two names that come to mind are Alvin Kamara and Saquon Barkley. A major concern that some have with Elliot is his activity off the field. It remains to be seen if he can self-correct some of the mistakes he’s made in the negative light. The time is now for Elliot to surround himself with positive people and environments. Today, Jerry Jones has displayed to Ezekiel Elliot and the Dallas Cowboys how significant of a factor he is to them, starting with signing him to the largest contract for a running back in NFL history. For Cowboys fans, let’s hope that everything from this day forth works for all parties involved. By the way, a Super Bowl appearance and Super Bowl Championship may very well be in reach. “How bout them Cowboys”

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