Hypocrosy On (And Off) The Diamond

Posted on Oct 9 2020 - 4:01am by Chuck Anderson

Why is Major League Baseball Burying The Astros?

After tonight’s American League Divisional Series Game 5 win by the Tampa Bay Rays over the New York Yankees, I decided to log into my ESPN app on my phone to see some of the stats in the 2-1 win by the Rays. One of the 1st headlines I see is “So the Houston Astros are headed to another ALCS. How angry should you be?“. This, my friends, is pure sensationalized click-bait at it’s worst. Let me tell you why.

  • 1. How could the Astros have used the, now infamous, trash can in the play-offs? Answer- They couldn’t. There is no way they could hear a trash can over the roar of the crowd in Minute Maid Park. NO WAY. Maybe in the regular season, but not with 40,000+ fans screaming their lungs out.
  • 2. The Astros have been accused of using buzzers. I’m not going to get into this much, but, if you believe a fake twitter account over Major League Baseball, I have some ocean front property in Arizona I’d love to talk to you about.
  • 3. Here’s the big one (which I will elaborate on in a minute)- Joe Girardi, the former Yankees manager, ratted out his own team on MLB Network by telling us exactly how the Yankees cheated when he was their manager.

Why isn’t there an article titled “The Tampa Bay Rays have beaten the New York Yankees. How happy should you be?”. No mention of bullet point #3. This is why I refer to ESPN on Facebook as #DisneySports. In my opinion, they are a complete joke. Now, for more on bullet point #3…

With Girardi’s confession, & the fact that it was on MLB Network, did MLB do anything about it? Nope. Nothing. But, the Astros lost their General Manager, Jeff Lunhow, who had turned the Astros from cellar-dwellers into a fine-tuned machine, & manager, A.J. Hinch to, 1st, 1-year suspensions, & then firings by the Owner, Jim Crane. Umm, why not do something to the Yankees? Remember how the Steroid-Era saved baseball by sacrificing players long term health &, for some, their rightful place in Cooperstown? I do, & this smells like the same kind of situation all over again. This time, however, it seems to be an entire team they’ve decided to throw away. & even if I weren’t an Astros fan, this would legitimately tick me off. If the, let’s say, Kansas City Royals, had this exact thing happen to them, I’d still be deeply disturbed by MLB’s handling of this crisis. Bottom line is, MLB tried to help the Yankees to a 29th World Series title, but the Tampa Bay Rays took care of that. & the Astros are still in the ALCS.

If I’m ever to take MLB seriously again, they need to drop the hammer on the New York Yankees & a few other teams (like Boston). MLB’s has really dropped the ball on this one. In Baseball terms, this would be an error on Rob Manfred. He needs to come through for all the smaller teams by denouncing the Yankees as soon as humanly possible. But, as long as the Yankees bring in those big television deals, it will never happen. That’s just my take.

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