Jackassery Report: Desperate Arizona Cardinals Hired Inexperienced and Unaccomplished Kliff Kingsbury as Head Coach

Posted on Apr 20 2019 - 11:33am by Richard Walker

The following is a complete list of good reasons for an for an NFL team to hire Kliff Kingsbury, an unaccomplished, glorified college offensive coordinator as its head coach. Kliff couldn’t compile a winning record in the Big 12, let alone lead a NFL program that has been on a downward spiral the past 10 seasons.


There is not even a plausible bad reason to hire Kliff Kingsbury. Kliff Kingsbury himself had to be shocked when his agent called to let him know that an NFL team had interest in interviewing him. The Arizona Cardinals are evolving into the new “Cleveland Browns”. In addition to the jackassery and circus show that is their coaching circuit, the Cards’ first round draft pick Josh Rosen, referred to his current situation as the quarterback of the franchise as “Uncertain”


If you aren’t a Cardinals fan (as if they actually have fans, post-Kurt Warner), then get your popcorn ready and pray that they are on your teams’ schedule this year. The 2019 Arizona Cardinals are working hard to be the punching bag for the league this season.

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