New Orleans Saints All Pro Wide Receiver Spills on Tony Romo’s New TV Contract

Posted on Mar 1 2020 - 4:16am by EJ Terry
Michael Thomas gives his take on Tony Romo’s new contract.

New Orleans Saints All Pro Wide Receiver, took to Twitter regarding the NFL’s upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Thomas said, “That’s why we shouldn’t sign the new CBA agreement, no way the announcer should be making more then 90% of the players ” followed by hashtag #NO

It’s evident that Thomas’ comments are triggered from the former Dallas Cowboys QB, and current CBS NFL Analyst, Tony Romo securing the bag in agreeing to the largest sports contract in TV history. A deal that will pay him 17 million a year.

Popular opinion would suggest that Romo is more than worthy of his compensation, but at the end of the day popular opinion should also suggest that Thomas has a fair take on his opinion as well. Here’s why.

Before anyone says, ” Michael Thomas agreed to a 5 year, 100 million dollar contract last season with Saints, making him the highest paid wide receiver ever, ” Why is he talking?” I would like for everyone to realize that Thomas is in some way shedding light on the players who have not been fortunate enough to be reach the deals they deserve. Thomas just wants the NFL Players Union to be slow to sign the new CBA.

The last time there was a CBA, the NFLPA signed a deal that literally swindled the players. As the new deal is approaching, the CBA is proposing that the owners receive 53 percent in revenue while the players receive 47 percent in revenue. In addition, minimum salaries of $510k will not increase to 1M for another 9 seasons.

There’s just no way that the NFLPA should agree to this upcoming deal. Think of it like this. Why should anyone get paid significantly more to tell your story especially you’re the one that is doing all the work behind the scenes.

Again Thomas’ comments should not be looked upon as a shot towards Romo, but rather an eye opener for the NFLPA to very careful when they sign a new deal. Bottom line, the players don’t deserved to be swindled again.

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