Pro Wrestlers And Their Hip – Hop Personality Counterparts

Posted on Jan 31 2021 - 12:25am by Richard Walker

There is an undeniable synergy that exists between hip hop and pro wrestling. The two entertainment genres both have a storied history that have been permanently fused together . As far back as the 90s, rappers have referenced wrestling. Some of the most iconic lyrics in hip hop history referenced wrestling, like Nas spitting Vocabulary spills I’m ill, Plus ‘Matic, I freak beats slam it like Iron Shiek,” on his classic debut Illmatic to more obscure references like Wu Tang luminaries RZA and GZA referencing Wahoo McDaniel and Ken Patera respectively.

Wrestling has also shown love back to Hip Hop, and also had some of it’s greatest moments with a huge dose of hip hop influence. Some of the most iconic moments in wrestling history that come to mind are Run DMC performing at WrestleMania V, to Master P and his No Limit Soldiers in WCW (shout out to our good friend “Big Swoll” Randy Thorton). There have been rapping wrestlers like Public Enemy and R-Truth. Of course who can forget the most notable twist of the hip hop genre and wrestling the “Thuganomics” John Cena gimmick which led the entire “Ruthless aggression era”.

The thought of the close line that these two forms of entertainment brings this thought to mind: If we were to correlate wrestlers, past and present with a hip hop artist, who would we choose and why? Here is my short list of Hip Hop artists and their wrestling personality counter parts:

  1. Andre 3000/Shawn Michaels: Two super-charismatic characters and the ultimate showmen who LOVE the bright lights, the stage and the extraordinary. Their best moments both seem to occur on the largest platforms. You know for certain when it’s time to put on a show both of these guys will be ready to go

2. E-40/Mick Foley: These two guys are always under-appreciated in their respective genres but their words, behaviors and moments are among the most memorable in their respective histories. The king of hardcore Mick Foley/Catcus Jack brought the entire style of hardcore wrestling to the mainstream. E-40 brought the style of lyric spinning/twisting to the top of the rap charts. His “slanguage” has been inducted into every day speech. I don’t care who you are, you’ve heard the reference of “Captain Save a hoe” and “thicker than peanut butter in the fridge”.

3. NWA/NWO: I can’t think of two more closely related groups in the respective platforms. Both groups gave ZERO shits about the status quo. They were all about breaking every rule of normalcy in their respective industries and they were both pretty damn good and successful at it too. I believe this comparison speaks for itself.

4. Eminem/Rowdy Roddy Piper: These gentlemen are two of the greatest antagonists who ever spoke on any platform in public. They LOVE to piss people off and they are so good at it! Piper’s pit was “must see tv” back in the day. It literally was the first notable segment of a wrestling broadcast that took you away from the ring and traditional locker room/back stage type interviews. To make things PERSONAL added a new fuel to the fire and created amazing shoots. Eminem on the other hand has literally created a fortune by pissing people off. NOBODY is off limits with that guy and he simply doesn’t have a filter. These two are definitely entertainment personality doppelgangers.

5. Sauce Walka/Macho Man Randy Savage: If you’re looking for calm, cool and collected promos, then DON’T LOOK AT THESE GUYS. The beguiling begins and never seems to end any time that either of these guys are given an opportunity to speak. You’ll never hear a scripted quote from either of these two men who are the closest thing that you’ll ever see to walking cartoon characters. You literally never know what to expect that they will say next! The simplest question or comment could lead to a free-flowing fillibustering rant that will leave you mesmerized, while splitting your side in laughter and wondering “what the hell did I just watch?” and enjoying the hell out of it.

There are so many other comparisons that can be made between the two entertainment forms. Hell yes, we saved the best for the show! If you want to hear out takes, Check out the “Wrestling Addicts” show live January 30, 2021 at 6pm CST, on the BTP Sports youtube channel as host Jimmy “The UnMacho Man” Anderson, along with Rafael Guzman, myself and 15 time Independent Wrestling Champion and former Nation of Domination/WWF member Al “Rage” Walker discuss this interesting topic. The list link to the broadcast and the video of the dialogue is here.

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