WWE hires “Brother Love” Bruce Prichard as Creative Director

Posted on Feb 24 2019 - 6:29am by Richard Walker

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has reportedly come to terms with “Brother Love” Bruce Prichard to serve as the creative writing director, PWInsider’s Mike Johnson.

“Brother Love” will immediately begin managing the creative team and noted that his first day will be Monday for the episode of Raw in Atlanta.

Prichard is a former WWE creative team member and producer who worked for the company from 1987-1991 and from 1992-2008. He was one of the architects of the creative storylines during the “Attitude Era” as well as the “Ruthless Aggression” era.

Prichard’s hiring could signal an end of the “PG-13 era”. The RAW and Smackdown brands should have a completely different look and feel with him calling the shots as creative director.

Fans who enjoy the old-school way of wrestling should be excited about his return. It will be interesting to see what he has in store for the WWE universe. Brother Love, we “looooovvveee youuuuu!!!” #BTPSports

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